Their lawyers have profound technical knowledge and are excellent advisors
— Chambers Latin America 2015

Biotechnology has had a positive impact in the area of ealth, especially in the medical and pharmaceutical sciences, allowing great advances in the methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases and genetic deficiencies. Similarly, plant biotechnology has had a profound impact on agricultural practices and on improving the quality and quantity of food and crops of commercial interest.

Costa Rica is a megadiverse country, so it has a large amount of resources for the development of biotechnological research and products. For this reason, university teaching centers have been strengthened and biotechnology has been incorporated as one of the areas to promote foreign direct investment.

In Batalla we advise our clients in the processes of obtaining access permits to biochemical resources, whether for research or bioprospecting. In the same way, our professionals work with our clients in the procedures of protection of their developments either through plant varieties or through other intellectual property instruments.

We also advise our clients in the authorization procedures for seeds or other genetically modified organisms before the State Health Service, the National Animal Health Service and the National Technical Biosafety Commission.

In Batalla, we have participated in initiatives to promote biotechnology in Costa Rica, we have supported higher education institutions as well as organizations that represent the industry in communication and education initiatives in front of municipalities and governmental bodies, as well as advised companies in judicial procedures. 


It is a firm with high standards of quality and client service. Their main strength is their impeccable professionalism and the quality of their work. It is on a level with any other international law firm.
— Chambers Latin America 2016

• We advise several leading companies in biotechnological research and production of biotechnological and chemical products of agribusiness application, in regulatory and environmental matters. For this, we support the procedures for obtaining the authorizations and concessions for access to genetic material according to the required use, as well as in the import and authorization processes for the release of genetically modified organisms to the environment.

• Several initiatives have been taken in Costa Rica for municipalities to issue moratorium agreements in their cantons to genetically modified products. Batalla has advised higher education institutions and non-governmental organizations in the administrative procedures that have been carried out by the municipalities as well as in the objection of those decisions when the moratoria have been declared.

• Batalla has been part of the advisory teams that have studied the implications and effects of legislative proposals to enact laws prohibiting the planting of genetically modified seeds in Costa Rica.

• Batalla has successfully advised Monsanto in the defense of environmental release certificates challenged in judicial procedures.