They are the best to understand environmental law both practically and theoretically
— Chambers & Partners, 2015

Batalla’s environmental team focuses on the most complex challenges that face the industry nowadays and that will continue to be crucial in the future. Since 2002, the talent of our lawyers provides our clients the highest quality of environmental representation to catalyze the success of their business. 

Environmental Law has been continuingly changing in recent years and is facing new challenges to adapt existing regulations to new obligations such as OECD Environmental Recommendations and the Paris Agreement. Our lawyers have been involved in the study of the implications these new regulations will have on the industry and has been participating actively in the discussion of the draft of new regulations.

For example, our energy practice has moved from advising the traditional construction and operation of hydropower plants to a new schemes of public partnership with other energy agents to build photovoltaic solar plants and take advantage of special agreements for offsetting carbon dioxide; legal schemes for net metering in housing and commercial projects and; advising transport electrification projects in the country; all private initiatives aligned with the country efforts to reduce GHGs emissions.

Our practice has been evolving from a pollution control practice associated mainly with water discharges and air emissions, to a complete environmental risk management practice assessing from the very beginning of the investment, the social, land use and environmental risks of the activities of our client. We are also helping clients to incorporate within their risk analysis the effects of climate change and help them establish strategies for the use of water resources in areas affected by drought, as well as adaptation and protection of civil works by increasing water levels.

We work closely with our clients to reduce their environmental, health and safety risks. The right legal advise can prevent careful incidents and can serve to ease liabilities. If problems do arise, we are skilled in dealing with regulatory proceedings, government enforcement actions and civil claims.

For our team, the compliment of environmental rules and the advise in cleaner production increases competitiveness and means new business opportunities, as the possibility to develop carbon off set projects in old and new industries.

The talent of our lawyers, the creative and effective advocacy for our clients, has been recognized by Chambers & Partners since the creation of the Environmental Law ranking in Costa Rica, considering it for 7 consecutive years in tier 1.