It is a firm with high standards of quality and client service. Their main strength is their impeccable professionalism and the quality of their work. It is on a level with any other international law firm.
— Chambers Latin America 2016

Transport and logistics are one of the most complex and dynamic sectors today due to the processes of internationalization of companies and global regionalism. In turn, it has a direct impact on world commodity prices, the environment and energy consumption. Globalization implies transporting more and more products at greater distances so that the optimal management of all the resources involved can not only mean better financial results, but also the survival of the company itself. In very competitive markets delivery times are usually very strict, so delivering late or defective merchandise can mean losing a customer, so in BATALLA we offer advice and support in the correct coordination of all activities, from the start of an international trade operation, until it is finished. We collaborate with our clients with their coordination work of all the necessary phases to make your company in time and form your merchandise.

At the same time, we offer advice and experts in the development, revision or contractual reform in matters of transportation, insurance and international transactions, with the correct interpretation and use of INCOTERMS, as well as advice and support in arbitration, disputes or administrative procedures arising from contractual disputes in the international transport of goods.

We have collaborated with renowned foreign companies to develop restructuring of their logistics and contractual schemes and we have developed ad hoc logistical and customs options and initiatives for each business reality. At the same time, we have supported and accompanied administrative, judicial, arbitration and dispute resolution processes to land transport companies, shipping companies, air transport, cargo terminals, cargo consolidators, tax warehouses and logistics intermediaries.

We have the coordination of the Foreign Trade Committee of AMCHAM and the management of the Customs Regulation Subcommittee of UCCAEP, as well as having active representation within the Foreign Trade Commission of UCCAEP, being members of the ICC and being active advisors to the Chamber Costa Rican Foreign Trade and Foreign House Representatives (CRECEX).