It is a firm with high standards of quality and client service. Their main strength is their impeccable professionalism and the quality of their work. It is on a level with any other international law firm.
— Chambers Latin America 2016

We have come a long way since the time where Sports and Entertainment were simply a hobby; currently, they have become industries with a yearly revenue of billions of dollars that suffer from the same difficulties as any other business, this is why the Legal Counsel must evolve to meet the current demands.

In the case of Sports, we have seen how it has become a lucrative business involving multiple participants, often with opposing interests (clubs, leagues, federations, international organizations, athletes, media, sponsors and business partners), with complex issues such as: transfers, doping, termination clauses, intermediaries, arbitrations, etc.

The same has happened with Entertainment, where the various sectors that make up this industry have transformed their business model thanks to new tools that are available to them, such as technology. Here, we are not just talking about cinema, television and music, but others that have been taking relevance amongst the interests of the public: fashion, video game development, restaurants and clubs, museums and art galleries amongst others. All of them, to be able to excel and endure, must be handled in a professional manner, in business and legal aspects.

In Batalla, we are prepared to face the demanding professional advice required by these sectors and assist our clients in its management.

Our lawyers are trained to provide advice on corporate, contractual, disciplinary, tax, labor, national and international litigation, (ordinary courts, national and FIFA Dispute Resolution Chambers, TAS), consumer, and insurance, as well as the day-to-day advice required by a professional company with a very particular product.

Additionally, we are very involved in an industry that has resulted from the merging of Sport and Entertainment: eSports, or electronic sports, which have achieved exponential growth in recent years to the point where the International Olympic Committee is already studying their inclusion in this competition