The strengths of this team are its professionalism, the common sense it provides in its advice, its knowledge of the market and legal framework, and its consistently up-to-date coverage of various fields.
— Chambers & Partners, 2016

The globalized world in which companies presently develop, is characterized by the frequent international operations, their massive reach, and strong regulations.

In that context, achieving success is not always exempt of conflicts. That is why, when controversies arise it necessary to have accompaniment and legal counsel from a professional group of experts that adequately represent your interests. 

In BATALLA we have the professionals you need to resolve your disputes in an efficient manner, thinking about your needs and taking care of your interests.

Our group of professionals has extensive experience in national and international controversies in judicial and arbitral jurisdictions. We harmoniously combine the practical experience with the high technical quality of our lawyers.

For each matter that we work on, we assemble a team of people who knows the client’s business, the legal merits of the issue, and the procedural aspects to successfully take on the case.

We are specialist in managing our clients most delicate legal issues, always satisfying their interests.