It is a firm with high standards of quality and client service. Their main strength is their impeccable professionalism and the quality of their work. It is on a level with any other international law firm
— Chambers Latin America 2016

If you want peace of mind, Batalla is the firm best able to help you to achieve your goals and ease your worries. We identify with our clients’ interests, anticipate their needs and take ownership of their concerns.

We’re the only firm in the region with the single goal of helping you sleep better at night. Our clients retain us because they don’t want surprises — they want peace of mind. Because they need to make informed decisions — not improvise. Because they don’t want advisors who complicate things, but the proactive support of those driven to achieve their goals. We achieve what we promise with integrity, quality, creativity and efficiency.

We are committed to become the law firm of choice in Costa Rica and an internationally recognized organization.

We are convinced that only those firms that attract, retain and inspire the best talent will be able to serve, understand and successfully adapt to an ever-changing legal market. That's why we are committed to push the success of our clients forward with the extraordinary talent of our people.

We are a multidisciplinary firm with expertise in our clients’ industries and in doing business in Central America. We make a difference by being experts in its clients’ business.  Such focus is enabled by a team of internationally trained professionals with sophisticated technical expertise, deep understanding of the region and a solid reputation in industry sectors.

Our professionals are authorities in their fields, have an active presence in international fora and client boardrooms, and are recognized for their outstanding impact as faculty members and academic journal contributors in the most prestigious law and business schools in Central America.

The cornerstones of our work are passion, innovation and team impact. This allows us to serve our clients with excellence and a personal, engaging and intimate style — guiding, counseling and being helpful.

This is a firm that strives to understand the client´s objectives, provide timely and high quality replies, and build strong long-term relationships
— Chambers Latin America 2017

Shared Value/Pro Bono

Creating shared value through active citizenship and local progress

What we do everyday can produce an overall positive impact in our community. At Batalla, we have an obligation to grow and prosper in an ethical manner not only for the benefit of our clients and our team, but also the community around us.

Our goal is to simultaneously generate social and economic value through active citizenship and local progress. We do this by selecting projects and activities that have substance and impact, draw upon our own assets and skills and are aligned with our values.

We are proud to be recognized as a national leader in Corporate Social Responsibility by the Costa Rican Bar Association and to be consistently awarded with the Pro Bono Leading Light recognition as a Pro Bono leader in Costa Rica by The Cyrus R. Vance Center for International Justice and Latin Lawyer.


Work areas

1. Redefinition of services, products, markets and legal needs

What needs and interests of alternative customer segments could we serve?

  • Affordable legal services
  • Accessible legal tools

2. Redefine our internal value chain productivity

What impact do our activities have?

    • Carbon emissions
    • Consumption of utility services and other resources
    • Waste and recycle management

    3. Foster local progress

    What social needs are related with our purpose?

    • Sustainability
    • Entrepreneurship and innovation
    • Human security
    • Education
    • Gender